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Badazz is the Captain in charge of stirring up the pot of music. “I always have some beat or lyric or sound buzzing in my head.” And though he is both determined and meticulous in trying to get the music from his brain into his computer, it is often a slow process.

Captain Badazz white hat

“I am not the guy that listens to the current pop record and then tries to emulate the sound, tempo, beat, and lyric idea in order to try and ‘cash in’ on a trend or sound. I don’t understand that way of making music. I need a blank computer screen, a wild imagination, freedom, and an emotion, feeling, or event in order to create something new.”

“Though I am very head strong and always have 12 ideas going on at the same time, I love to interact with people who are creative, fun, emotional, and sensitive. I always leave myself open to ‘backing into something’ I never planned or imagined. Many times someone will say something or play a different sound or chord that was so unexpected that it suddenly leads you to a whole different place. A better place.”


One of the people Badazz collaborates with is a young girl named Wendelicious. She is truly both a delicious beauty and an extremely creative soul who is blessed with a very distinctive voice. “I loved Wen’s voice the second I heard her come through my speakers. A unique voice with warmth and emotion.”

Captain Badazz in control room

Badazz records in his own studio, Scream Studios, in Los Angeles, California.

Captain Badazz at piano

"I'm just a musician that has a whole lot of fun plugging stuff in, turning dials, and playing with cool sounds & instruments while searching for that little moment of music magic."

His new songs feature some great new singers & artists like Wendelicious, Jagger B, Stikki Nikki, Oddjob Alex, Slim Kim, & Fat Pete.

The song, "I Want Money" features a fun upbeat vocal by the beautiful Stikki Nikki. "I think people are really going to like her vibe."



















Stikki Nikki

Stikki Nikki